Purley Quaker Meeting House

Children's Meeting

Small children up to young teenagers are welcome to join in. 

Children's class helps our young people to learn about Quaker values in a friendly safe environment. 

We are following 'Journeys in The Spirit' which is designed  for  children 5-12 years old. (link at the bottom of this text)

 Children share their thoughts and experiences with each other just as happens in the main Meeting. Their ideas are as important as that of the adults but it is expressed in the best way for a child: e.g. drawing, talking, making, writing, miming, playing. Underlying all the children’s activities are the Quaker values of respect, equality, truth, simplicity and peace.

Please arrive a few minutes before 11am to sign your child in to the Children's Group.
Adults are invited to join the Meeting for Worship (11am-12 noon) or just for a cup of tea afterwards.

The children will join the main Quaker Meeting for the first 10 minutes and after to share their experiences and work.

You and your children do not need to be Quakers to attend. If you would like your child to come to our Children's Group enquiries  
 purleylmclerks@gmail.com.Please note we have no creche for babies, but please come along if you want to stay with baby and watch the activities.

All children's group volunteers are DBS checked. 


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