Purley Quakers

Purley Quaker Meeting March and April 2017
Dates for your diary
Meeting for Worship every Sunday, 11 to noon, with tea/coffee afterwards.
Children’s Group twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month
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March 2017

5 Premises committee meeting
12 Children’s group Purley MH in small room
14 Trustees Meeting
 For Trustees and representatives.
Croydon MH 7.30pm
18 Kindlers: Recognising Spirit. An experiment to discover what lies universally in our human depths, as the source of creativity, worthship, truth and love. 10 to 5pm Friends House, Euston. £10.00
19 Area Meeting Committee meeting For members of AMC
Purley MH after MfW
19 Healing/meditation 10:00 to 10.45. Purley MH. Small room. All welcome
24/26 QPSW Annual Spring Conference 2017: Journeys of Witness. Held at the Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire. For new Quakers or those new to the work of QPSW. See www.quaker.org.uk/events/2017-qpse-annual-spring-conference
26 Children’s group Purley MH. In small room. All children welcome

Date Event Further details


2 Premises Meeting
For members of Purley premises. 10am in small meeting room
8 2017 Kindlers: The art of vocal ministry. Speaking out of silent worship is unique in the sea of faiths. This day will examine its origins, purpose, practice and how it is nurtured by discernment. 10 to 5pm Friends House, Euston. £10.00
9 Vision for Purley, Business meeting
Fourth and final Session of Vision for Purley. Special Business Meeting, to bring everything together All welcome. Purley MH.
After MfW at 12.30, please bring packed lunch
9 Children’s group All children welcome in small room Purley MH
16 Healing/meditation All welcome. Purley MH, small committee room, 10am
29/30 Workshop – Claire van den Bosch. See leaflet Purley MH. Bookings directly with Claire
29 Children’s group All children welcome in small room Purley MH
29 Area Meeting Elders and Overseers meeting At Croydon MH after MfW. All members of Purley corporate elders/oversight welcome

Forward notices for other events:
13 May 2017 Kindlers: what does love require of us? An invitation to let our lives speak, to show our light, use our gifts to heal and witness to compassion. 10 to 5pm Friends House, Euston. £10.00
13 May 2017 Annual Conference of Treasurers: Giving and Receiving
Held at Friends House, London. For AM and LM treasurers
Registration: www.quaker.org.uk/events/act2017/
29 July – 5 August 2017 Yearly Meeting Gathering

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