Purley Quaker Meeting House

Purley Quaker Meeting for Worship

Welcome to all 11 am 

every Sunday

All are welcome to join with us.  Come a little early or phone first, to say you want to come. We would like to welcome you and show you round.

We sit in a circle. We hold it important that you feel prepared for the Meeting and ask that you go in quietly and try to 'centre down' as soon as possible so that you gain a benefit  from the experience.

At first, this way of worshipping may feel odd or even challenging, but the sense of being with others  will support you and help you. 

You may soon  begin to look forward this space and time to really feel a development of your spiritual self and carry this into your daily activities and outlook.

 "There is that of God in everyone"-George Fox- founder of the Quakers

Being Peaceful- Meeting for Worship

 "Worship is our response to an awareness of God. We can worship alone, but when we join with others in expectant waiting we may discover a deeper sense of God's presence."

Advice and Queries


 A Quaker Meeting for Worship is based on the principle that each and every one of us may experience a sense of the sacred in everyday life, but also in a more focussed sense in a gathered Meeting for Worship.

The Meeting may be silent, or those who are present may be moved to speak, sharing with all that which springs from their own sense of God within them.

This may take the form of an anecdote, or even a philosophical, or spiritual problem or question  that the person may have been reflecting upon.

We do not 'answer' what another has said in the usual way of conversation, but their words may well prompt us to speak too.

It may be a reading from Advices and Queries or Quaker Faith and Practice, or a sudden revelation on the part of the speaker.

All this happens in a quiet  reflective sort of way and we tend to be quiet and appear meditative in a Meeting for Worship.

Sometimes a Meeting for Worship is a whole hour of silence, but  it is a silence so full of a sense of the union , that it does not feel empty, but supportive, kindly and uplifting.

Afterwards, we all share a cup of tea or coffee and may talk to one another. You will find that you feel ever so slightly different after a Meeting for Worship- more in tune with your surroundings, or even energised.

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